What’s Today’s Excuse?

What’s Today’s Excuse?


Everyone has some sort of excuse to get out of taking the blame for something. I have composed some excuses I’ve used a lot recently. They pertain to not writing posts for my blog, my family, friends, and work.

But first, let’s talk about the definition of an excuse, shall we?

According to Webster’s dictionary an excuse is,

1B really speaks to me,

To try and remove blame from

From yourself perhaps?

I know everyone makes them, but why? Why are we all not taking the blame for our actions?

I’ll give you some hints, Failure? Change? Making a Mistake?

We have a fear of failing ourselves, family, friends, sometimes even strangers! One of my biggest fears is letting the people I love down. I’m sure everyone has this fear, but it haunts me almost all the time. I question what my family and friends will think if I fail at something I had started, or even just thought I wanted to do and changed my mind. And in order to shield myself from these thoughts of what they might think of me, I create an excuse.

Here are some of my lame excuses that I need to stop making:

“Rori was being a little terror so I couldn’t get to it.”

“I was too tired from work.”

“It’s going to take a lot of energy to do that, I should rest first.” (I almost always don’t end up doing it.)

“It’s raining so I can’t do the laundry because the card needs money on it.”

“I don’t have anything to wear.”

“It’s boring.”

“Oh well Rori is tired and needs a nap so it’s gonna be a no from me, sorry.”

“But my feet hurt.”

“I’m cooking, I can’t do x right now.”

“Oh Patrick is busy at the moment, sorry!”

“I just have to do x first.”

“I’m busy.”

“My car isn’t working.”

“It’s too cold/hot out.”

I know there is more that I make, but I honestly can’t think of any at the moment.

Something I’m working on is to accept that I will fail in some aspects and so I can’t make up excuses. I can’t keep shifting my blame onto someone else or even an inanimate object. My goal is to not make these excuses and just do it. Suck it up and get it over with. I just have to admit when I’m making an excuse, accept responsibility for all of my actions, and start focusing on solutions to help solve my problems.

How many excuses do you make in a day? What are some of your most used ones? Are you willing to change your ways and stop making excuses?

11 thoughts on “What’s Today’s Excuse?”

  • My worst excuse is that I just don’t want to, which usually ends with me procrastinating a necessary task. ‘I don’t want to’ is fine for some things, but there’s no use complaining if it’s something that needs to be done whether I ‘want to’ or not.

  • I absolutely love this post it hits home so hard.. by either me using the excuses or me always hearing them from someone. An I just can’t take it anymore. They need to stop because once it stops an you just deal with the situations your making up the excuses for life in general with get better. I know I make a ton of excuses, some of them are; I wasn’t feeling well, I was just too tiered, i had to do this an that an this instead. There are many more but those are the most used an I also deal with alot of other issues within myself, but this blog help me realize how to make a step in the right direction to fix part of the problem. I love reading the blog alot it makes me feel like I’m not the only one going through the rough patches.

  • Good reminder! I think it can be hard to distinguish which excuses are really valid and which aren’t, sometimes! It takes honesty with ourselves. 🙂

  • Thanks for the reminder to stop making alibis for living life with embrace and gusto! It’s so important to get to the bottom of why want something in the first place so we align ourselves with actions that abide with what we truly want. 💕 Xo, Evelyn, PathofPresence 🦋

  • My usual excuse is that I’m too tired, but then I’ll procrastinate and spend time on my phone when I could have been doing what I was avoiding.

  • Such a good post. Mine is definitely “I’m tired”, thing is, whether I’m tired or not, some stuff still just has to happen. I’m slowly learning how to accept that and do it anyway.

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