What’s In My Purse

What’s In My Purse

What’s In My Purse??

I decided to do change this up a bit and also reorganize my purse in the meantime. Let’s take a quick look at what’s in my bag that is always in there no matter what I do.  

I bought this bag from Marshall’s for what seems like forever ago. It’s one of my favorites because it’s a backpack more than a purse. It makes it so much easier to carry especially because I usually have my tot in my arms. 

one. My Lip balm. I use this about a million times a day. I am prone to cold sores and super chapped lips because I don’t drink enough water (It’s in my January Goals post, check out some of my other goals for the month). It is medicated so it tingles on my lips and for some reason, has helped cut down on the days that I do have a cold sore. It’s my favorite thing I keep in my bag by far. 

two. Pens and some paper. I am obsessed with lists, I find them therapeutic and let me tell you, I hate having them on my phone! I always forget that they are there. So, when an idea strikes or I already made a list for the day, it’s already in my bag just ready to go with whatever errands I happen to have to run that day. It’s also nice when I can just hand my tot a piece of paper and pen when we are shopping and she’s content for a while with just that.

three. Snacks! I know what you are thinking, you are a mom! You have to keep snacks in your purse. No, I have to keep snacks in my purse because who is going to feed me when I get hangry? Ever since I was old enough to carry around a purse, I have always kept snacks in there. It’s just who I am as a person now. It’s even more who i am because of being a mother. You never know when your tot is going to get hungry!

four. Planner. I love my planner so much, and when I say I write everything in it, I really do. I track my water this way, my to do list for home and work, birthdays, our plans that we have to do… everything. I think it’s essential to at least have a calendar with appointments in it. I had gotten this one at Michael’s back in the summer. The cover screamed that it was me and I just simply bought it for that reason. 

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five. Headphones. I use my apple headphones because I don’t have a headphone jack. It’s easier for me to talk on the phone if I’m in a store so I have both hands free. I just wear the headphones and it makes it look like I’m crazy!

six. Half drunken water bottle. I used to hardly finish my bottles of water when I’m out and about. I always end up switching them out but it’s just something that is always in there that I’m just used to it by now. Although, this will disappear soon enough since I have a new reusable water bottle. 

seven. Sunglasses. Everyone should have a pair of nice sunglasses in their bag. I keep mine there because I tend to wear them into the places I go, and not just leaving them in the car. It’s easier to remember that they are in your bag. Get a fancy glasses case to keep them scratch free. I get mine from Marshall’s since they are designer glasses for a cheap price.

eight. Keys where I have no idea what houses they belong to. I have a billion keys. They jingle, they jangle, they get in the way. But I never know if I’ll need to get into someone’s house or if we go out and they leave their keys at home, locked up. I at least have a key. It’s mostly for my grandparents, parents, in-laws, my aunts (I used to house sit for them and I just love the mickey mouse key a lot), and my best friends (I pretty much used to live there back in the day and I just haven’t given the key back).

nine. Wallet. Some so essential has to go in there. I switch from a big bag to a little bag if I have my daughter sleep out or if we are going on a day trip because I pack a separate bag for my daughter. It’s a lot easier to have a small one because then you can’t fit so many cards in there. You don’t want to see the inside of my old bigger wallet… yikes. I got my small one at Claire’s because it was cheap. 

ten. My essential oil rollers. I have de-stress and focus in the front pouch of my bag. I use them at work, or if I’m out with my daughter and she isn’t having a great day. It’s nice to stay calm and they help me out a lot. I’ve wanted to introduce myself more and more to different ones and I really love this brand. 

eleven. Tissues and antibacterial wipes. It’s cold/flu season, everyone should be carrying around some sanitizer and tissues because we all cough and sneeze and touch things that other people touch like grocery baskets. It’s nice to wipe your hands down after touching a public thing. It’s also nice to have something to blow your nose into instead of a sleeve or something, it’s gross and I’ve seen people do it in the stores.

Twelve. Hair clip. Once in a while I actually want to wear my hair down for a few minutes. But once it touches my neck or I get to warm, up it goes. I used to just put my hair up with a hair elastic but then I get a headache because it’s too tight or something.

Fourteen. Lint roller. I don’t own a pet, but I did grow up in a house that had a dog that shed constantly and it was white, I mostly wear black clothes and it just became a habit to carry a mini one around. My parents still have that dog so when I go over it’s nice to roll down before I get into my car.

Fifteen. Saline spray. Like I said earlier, it’s cold/flu season! I have had a sinus infection I swear it’s no fun and you just can’t breathe. This helps out so much, it’s my saving grace. My daughter uses it, I use it, and my fiancé does. But before you get grossed out about it, we clean it with the antibacterial wipes, so don’t worry.

Sixteen. 1 tube of lipstick. I don’t usually wear lipstick all the time because I love to kiss my tot without leaving kiss marks all over her. But when I go to work, I usually stick a bit on to help pull together my professional look.

Seventeen. Nail file. I have terrible nails, they are so fragile, they break all the time and they chip. It’s why I have gotten into the habit of carrying this around in my bag now. It’s super handy since it has 7 steps to it. I prefer this over a one and done nail file because it helps buff out and polish my nail so it doesn’t look so gross.

eighteen. Diapers and wipes. I’m a mother of a tot that isn’t potty trained yet. Of course, I’m going to carry around diapers for her. She doesn’t really like to be laid down to change so I have recently started to buy these slip-on ones that are more like a diaper than a pull up and she loves them! I love them too since I buy them in such a big box!

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