Updating My Half Bath

Updating My Half Bath

We have a 2 bedroom apartment with 1.5 bathrooms. We love the space, the open floor plan, but we barely use the half bathroom. We decided to actually decorate it and turn it into the bathroom of our (my) dreams! I set out to have the most budget friendly bathroom by the end of the night. I didn’t want to spend over $50. Where else can I do have it budget  friendly and get everything to update the bathroom in one trip other than Walmart!

First, let’s explore this bathroom. I had already began moving my stuff into there before this spontaneous trip.

We wanted some shelves over the toilet, these Encore Decorative Shelves are perfect. I didn’t need to add much space since it’s mainly my bathroom and everything can be neatly (or tossed) under the sink.


The floor in there gets freezing in the winter. It’s why I wanted a nice cozy bath rug to go in there. That way when I do my makeup in the mornings, my feet can stay warm. This is the one we decided on, Better Home and Garden bath mat. It is so fuzzy and makes my toes even more happy with the plush!


We looked around the art section in Walmart and came across this one. It looked like it’d go perfectly with the theme. I love that it has some 3-D to it. Can you tell yet that I love black & white? (They have some good art over on the Walmart website.)


We also bought a nice Aloe Vera Plant to give the room some life. Having it also be a natural first aid, is a plus. Hopefully I can keep it alive until next summer when it’ll come in handy! The plant came with the cute pot as an added bonus!



The total came out to be, $47.67 (not including tax)

The Final Look, 

I had some fun doing this small project and really want to update the living room next! Maybe I’ll give myself a bit more than just a $50 budget for that one. Then again in my mind, adding a new plush blanket makes any living space so much more cozy!


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