To-Do Lists

To-Do Lists

Is anyone else obsessed with writing To-Do Lists like me?

In my daily planner, where I keep EVERYTHING, I make a to-do list for that day. Sometimes they are so small, and others I don’t know why it’s on my list in the first place.

I even write down when I need to make more lists in my list!

Some of my typical to-dos:

☐ Meal Plan for the week

☐ Make Grocery List

☐ Clean up the house

☐ Do the dishes

☐ Write up new blog posts this week

☐ Write out checks for the week

☐ Do a load of laundry

☐ Clean out closet

And those are just my typical Monday/Tuesday to-do lists.

Usually the meal plan and the grocery list options are done over the weekend, but Christmas was this past weekend so that wasn’t an option.

I am obsessed with making lists. Sometimes I even just write out a list if I’m feeling stressed and need to put my mind elsewhere. I mean what better way to keep your mind at ease than to sit down with your favorite paper, a pen that writes so smoothly, and list out things that either have to get done, or even things you have accomplished that day. Sometimes if I don’t even do something that’s on my list, I add it to the list and then mark it off as completed to make myself feel better. I did that trick a lot when I was a stay at home mom, it made me feel like I was accomplishing more than what I really did.

I love listing out options for everything and I attempt to get them all done. It isn’t always easy, but I do get at least 4-5 of them done in a day, but it’s okay if you don’t even get all of that done! We are all only human after all.

You will probably see more posts about my to-do lists in the future, I love writing about to-do lists and just lists in general! What are some lists that you will want to see?

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9 thoughts on “To-Do Lists”

  • Yes. I need lists to function. I generally keep my lists electronically and really like the Google Keep tool. It’s a google Chrome extension where you can add multiple lists and share them with family members. So nice and keeps my desk clutter free from all the random post-it notes. But, I should invest in a good old-fashioned planner.

    • I love how computers can keep everything neat and tidy, but there is just something about doing it with pen and paper that I’m super obsessed with!

    • It truly is! I think everyone would be slightly more happier if they made lists! Even if it’s just a what I accomplished today list.

  • I only make a list when I go shopping or pack for holidays. I make plans in my head. And if I forget to do something then I’ve got some free time 😉 But seriously to-do lists help achieve more things and become more organised.

  • I am so glad someone else has my same obsession. Sometimes I re write my to do list because it is messy… on my to do list is “rewrite to do list” 🤣

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