New Parent Series – Nina

New Parent Series – Nina

I’m happy to say the first person I have interviewed is my future sister-in-law, Nina! She is such a great mother and loves her son to pieces! I love that she has so much love for him, it’s something I love to see. Plus how can you not love her son?! My nephew is just the sweetest bug!

What is your child’s name? When were they born?

Liam John. October 19, 2012

What is your name? Significant other’s?

Nina. & Landon.

Tell me a short summary of your birth story.

My birth story started on October 18 2012, my birthday, I woke up with pain and went to the bathroom, I had started having contractions. So my mom woke my sister up panicked an we called my dad who raced home to get me. When we got to the hospital, they checked me in an they timed me and said that it wasn’t going to happen today, and that it was false labor. As my parents and I were leaving, walking back down the hall way, my dad’s back went out and I started to really feel the contractions an a nurse found us an brought me back to the maternity side of Charlton Memorial Hospital, and put my dad in the emergency room.

So started the process an getting ready, then night time came an still no Liam. So they induced me to see if my water would break an to see if I would start dilating. As time went on and nothing was happening, they finally decided to pop my water hoping that would help the process along a little faster. I received a epidural which did not work as i was still in excruciating pain. Well, 1 1/2 hours later they gave me a spinal tap hoping that would help numb and ease the pain which it didn’t.

I was to be checked by the nurse continuously to see if I was dilating, also to see what they could do for pain I received one more epidural an two more spinal taps over the time of my labor. In between all the chaos I was in so much pain that the only thing that felt good was to push so I did an ended up tearing open my belly button an bleeding heavily. I ended up passing out a few times from not breathing.

My labor was quiet chaotic. So finally, my doctor shows up at 4am the next day an sends me for emergency c-section. Then proceeds to tell me that I never dilated more than 4″ and they were gonna have to put me under in order to operate to get my son out. So, under I went an my son was born at 8:12am. While they were having difficulty getting me stable an to stop bleeding. Finally 2 hours later I was under control and woke up to see my son.

What is the best part about being a mom?

The best part about being a mom is, being able to watch him grow and go through all the changes. All the different steps, all the learning obstacles. And just knowing that I’m the one teaching him how to grow, how to progress in life, how to succeed.

What product could you not live without since you’ve had your bundle of joy?

The product I could not live with out since I had my son has got to be hand sanitizer. Or wipes.

What is the biggest challenge you face in terms of time management?

The biggest challenge for me would have to be juggling between all his appointments and school and work and just being able to make sure I have enough a time to get where I need to be at the certain time I need to be at making sure I have everything for him for the next appointment and not forgetting something or running behind.

What coping mechanisms have you found to be helpful with regard to lack of sleep and fatigue?

Cat naps when ever I can or keeping busy an plenty of coffee.

How has your social life changed?

My social life has changed tremendously but not in a bad way. Yeah sure I don’t have as many friends an I don’t go out as often or have girls night all the time but that’s my choice. Because I would rather be with my son an go out as a family an have fun an make sure he gets to have fun an experience an do thing I never got to as a child. But I still go out once in a great while with my close friends that I still have. Or I hang out an go have a drink. It my choice to let my social life change. An to exist on not.

What was the biggest problem you faced being alone with the baby for the first time?

The biggest problem I faced was going to the bathroom an taking a shower.

What advice would you give to a soon to be first time parent?

Take your think an breath. No one is perfect an there many ways to handle the situation. An it’s not always a bad thing to let the baby cry a little an you don’t always have to hold them an carry them everywhere.

Here is a picture of her sweet family!

Nina is a mother of one and works part time. She is engaged to a wonderful guy whom she loves. The three of them are happy!

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If you would like to participate in the series, check out the page here to tell you all about it, here!

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