My Morning Hassle

I don’t know about you other working moms, but my family co-sleeps. Before I hear any backlash, it works for us, and we are happy to do it. With that said, getting up in the morning is a real chore I’ve found. Why would you want to get up out of a nice warm bed with a cute squishy tot next to you? You don’t. You really just don’t want to move, instead you want to cuddle said sleeping tot and not leave them.

How on earth can you leave such a precious sight?

Your other half gets out of bed and starts getting ready to leave for work and of course, you get up too despite wanting to stay home and cuddle your tot. You have to think to yourself some mornings that you do it for your family, so you can all have a good life because that’s all that matters to you. Then you leave the bed and move to the living room just so you can have a moment of peace before you have to start actually functioning.

Moving out of there into my own place really woke me up to how much time I do have with my tot in the mornings if she doesn’t wake up. Trust me, everything becomes so much harder if she wakes up early with me.

Lets break down my day for you really quick so you can get an understanding.

5:30am wake up

6:00am Put together Lunches for the tot, finance, and myself

6:20am Start getting dressed

6:30am Make-up and Hair

6:45am Wake up the tot if she isn’t already awake, get her dressed, gather the bags and head to the car

7:00am Leave to bring her to her Grammy’s house for her to transport her to Daycare or the Babysitter

7:30am Leave the Grammy’s house to head to work.

Daily Boutique Deals

Sometimes she wakes up early, because she realizes I’m not there because how much her and I cuddle. And when she does wake up early, she just wants to have me sit on the couch with her, and cuddle more. But I need to get ready for work, that’s where some more struggle comes in. So, I take her everywhere with me, to get dressed and get her dressed.

Then my favorite part of the mornings when she wakes up early is when I get to do my makeup with her. She sits in the sink, holds my brushes and eyebrow brush and pretends to put on makeup just like me. Over the time that she has been born, she’s seen me do it numerous times and now she just knows and calls it makeup time and LOVES it! I allow her to run the brushes over my own face too just to see that beautiful smile of hers.

When I tell her it’s time to go, she always starts crying and insists on me holding her as I’m getting all the bags together. I juggle sometimes 4+ bags. My purse and lunch box, and her lunchbox and her bag. Sometimes I also bring another bag that has some extra things in it for work. All of that plus holding onto her is a lot to juggle as I’m walking out to the car and have to load everything inside.

I know that there are always the small moments of sunshine in the mornings with her, but there is also some struggles. To say that I am blessed and this is actually what I am struggling with in the morning is completely right. Not every family has the ease of all of this, or even to have someone watch their child for a bit so they don’t have to be rushed off to daycare or the babysitters right away.

I’m truly thankful for my mornings even if I do complain about them sometimes. Juggling work and being a mom is always going to have it’s struggles but man is it completely worth it.

How does your Monday- Friday look for you? Are you a working mom like me? A stay at home? If you have any tips for getting ready in the mornings, leave a comment or even just send me an email to let me know, I’d love to hear from all of you!


7 thoughts on “My Morning Hassle”

  • I’m a stay at home mom. We don’t co-sleep as I need my space when I sleep. I don’t even cuddle my husband, haha! The dog and cats sleep on his side because they know I’d kick them off too! Since I’m a SAHM, I don’t really have an need to get up early, so I usually wake when baby wakes, though I’ve been meaning to kick that habit, haha.

  • Mornings are the most hectic time in our house. Usually it’s a struggle to get out the door, but when everything and everyone is where they should be, we’re off to a good start.

  • Working mom of two toddlers here that also co-sleeps…I have to say… YES!!!!! YES!!!! YESSS! The most difficult part of starting the day is waking up and not staying cuddling with those little beautiful sleeping angels in bed.

  • Mornings are usually a rush for us, no one wants to get up (including me!) and it can be a challenge to get everyone up and out the door for school.

    • I’ve found recently since writing that post that meal prepping for the week helps a lot. The night before I put whatever lunches into the lunch bags and stick them right back in the freezer. In the morning I take them out, unzip them a bit to put in the ice pack and we are good to go! I get to sleep in a bit more that way.

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