My dream small apartment patio

My dream small apartment patio

So today I’m not going to lecture, or vent of the sort. I’m going to show you all what I REALLY want to do at the moment which is make over my small apartment patio/balcony.

I have this ultimate Pintrest dream of my little spot. But I also have a toddler so half of my small place goes to her.

I have a whole mess of inspiration for this. Most of the ideas don’t include a small area off to the side for my toddler.

I’ll show you all what I would LOVE to have as my balcony/patio all with the help of Pintrest:

These bamboo blinds would be perfect for two reasons, privacy even though I have bushes right in front of our space but there is some gaps. Another reason is because my daughter can slip through the railings so it freaks me out that she can possibly run into the parking lot. It’d like to prevent that one.

These curtains could totally help with the whole privacy aspect too. I think it would help the space look super cozy. But I know that it isn’t practical since I have a feeling it would make it feel too small. A girl can dream though!

Look how cozy this little space looks! I drew up plans with my fiancé to build a little couch so I can have a similar cozy vibe. I would just love to sit curled up in this space writing posts or even just reading a book.

To fill it with candles is also another nice thing I’d love to have out there. It would be super perfect reading in candle light looking up at the stars out there.

Again, this could gives me such happy feels. But the lights above it seems like it’d be a nice feature. I want to get solar powered ones so I can cut down on the electricity bill since I know this summer I’ll be out there a lot once this project is completed.

The floor here is super nice too. If I was made of money I’d get some. But since I’m not made of money, I already settled on outdoor carpeting. I already have it laid out at the moment.

Plants! I would love to make this and have it hanging. I would just love plants all around, flower galore.

The amount of nice cozy vibes I get from this makes me super happy. the plants, the little rug, the table… all of it! I’d just replace the chair with a couch with cozy pillows and I’d be super sold.

So these are just a few of my balcony/patio goals for my apartment. That is, if I didn’t have a toddler to also occupy half of it.

Her half consists of a sand table, a few balls, a car track with a few cars, a small garden pot so she can learn to water and take care of her own plant, and of course her own little lawn chair.

So there you have it! My ideas of a perfect balcony/patio. This summer we will be constructing it and bringing it to life after our budget wedding in June!

What is your idea of the perfect spot? I’d love to hear from you!

** credit to those whose balconies these are! **

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