Meet the Family

Meet the Family

Such an odd ball shot of us and from end of May 2017 at his sister’s wedding, but I absolutely LOVE this picture of the three of us, we look so beautiful.

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My name is Chelsea and I’m twenty-five. I’m a mom that works 30 hours a week, and loves to go on Pinterest and look up recipes I’ll probably never make. I don’t think there is ever a project that I haven’t completed. Lists are my go to thing that I love to write, and one of my favorite hobbies. I love to eat pretty much everything. The only down side is that I eat based on textures, so if I don’t like the texture, I won’t eat it. One thing I can’t seem to ever eat because of the texture is hamburgers! ICK! My favorite thing to eat is white rice with salt, pepper, and gravy. For some reason, it’s my go to thing to eat. It’s also one of the first things that comes to mind when I think of my favorite food.

Patrick, is twenty-two and works in side walling with his step-father. When you first meet him, he is so quiet and shy, but just know that, he isn’t really like that. Patrick is a big goof ball that loves to have fun and be with his family. If he had the option to stay home and do nothing all day, you’ll probably catch him watching YouTube videos and playing Super Mario on his N64. He doesn’t really like many vegetables, I’ve only gotten him to eat maybe 5 new vegetables since him and I started dating in November of 2014. His favorite dish is buffalo chicken pizza. If I would allow it, he’d have pizza everyday breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This man is the light of my life, I can’t picture a life without him. Heck, I can’t even remember what it was like before he came into my life.

Aurora, as of this post is almost two and to me, she’s a genius. She was walking by 9 months old, running at 10 months, and can now hold a small conversation with you. The conversation may be a bit jumbled, but you know exactly what she’s saying. Our family loves to say that she has music in her head at all times. Randomly she will either burst into a song, or even just start dancing. Her favorite food is either pizza or mac & cheese, she always asks for both if I ask her what we should have for dinner. She has brought so much happiness into everyone’s life.

Together the three of us are a wild crazy bunch, but we have so much love for each other. We often have family cuddle parties and it just so happens to be everyone’s favorite activity. Our day only is complete when we have a big family group hug, and I know that sounds weird, but it is the best feeling.

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