List of 15 Date Night Ideas

I don’t know about you but sometimes my husband and I get into a rut when it comes to dates. Sometimes we just go out to dinner, or grab a movie, sometimes both. It gets boring after a while and you don’t want to have a date night.

That’s why I made this list! No more of the same old boring date night ideas!

Here are some of my 15 favorite date night ideas.

15. Paint Night

I haven’t been to a paint bar before, but I have gone to a bachelorette paint afternoon and it was a blast! They walk you through the steps and you get to drink!


14.  Go to a Concert

I love going to concerts, and what a great way to have some fun, be with each other, and checking out a band you both love or even seeing one that you haven’t heard of before! In the summers there are usually free concerts to go and check out.


13. Rock Climbing

An indoor rock climbing adventure. How fun! I used to go when I was younger and I would love to be able to do this with my husband at some point! Especially since he is belay certified


12.  Ice Skating

I love Ice skating. Something about the two of you holding hands and skating around a rink just sounds so magical to me. You can just talk, try to show off, and just have an overall good time! Don’t forget to grab a hot cocoa to warm up those hands!


11. Go Bowling

My husband used to be in a bowling league, meanwhile I suck. We usually do this as a double date with one of my brothers and his girlfriend. It’s a lot of fun and you can do some really weird things to roll the ball down the alley. It’s a blast!


10. Star Gazing

My husband and I did this when we first started dating. It was in December and I had my convertible at the time. We piled a bunch of blankets into the back seat of my car, put the top down and just got to know each other talking. It was one of the best times I had, had in a long time when we went and I loved every minute of it.


9. Theme Park

Honestly, this one is self explanatory. I’m sure most of you who read my blog have kids, and if you don’t, how amazing is it to ditch everyone and have a day at a theme park riding rides the whole day? Before we had our daughter, my husband and I loved going to the six flags New England near us. It was so much fun riding a bunch of those rides. Standing in lines, we played games and just chatted to pass the time.


8. Have A Picnic

This could be a lot of fun if you do this in a city/town you don’t go to often. Find a nice park and sit there people watching, cloud watching, and talking. It’s a nice relaxing day


7. Brewery Tour

I have yet to do this as a date or even just with friends while being legal age. I went one time back in high school with a friend and her parents and they seemed to really enjoy it. My friend and I just goofed though, not for anyone that isn’t of legal age to drink.


6. Cook a Meal Together at home

My husband and I usually just stick to the usual meals that we know our tot will eat. So it’s nice when she isn’t home to make something we both love together that she can’t really eat, or just won’t eat. It’s nice being close and preparing a delicious meal you both will be enjoying.


5. Go to the Drive In

I love drive in movies! If there is one around you and you don’t usually go, or you just haven’t been to one, definitely go and try it out! You don’t even need to buy from the snack bar, bring some food in your car since you won’t be leaving that cozy car. I like to bring a giant blanket for my fiancé and I to share and a pizza with a few drinks. It’s always a double feature so it’s nice to pay one rate for the two of you and two movies.


4. Play Tourist

I love doing this so much. I love people watching and taking pictures and being a goof. Go to a place the two of you are used to and there are a lot of tourist type shops and have some fun! Sit outside and eat somewhere and comment to each other about what you see, get an ice cream and sit along a busy walking path. It’s a nice relaxing way and the two of you will notice things you don’t usually see.


3. Lazer Tag

Now if you’ve seen How I Met Your Mother, you know how Robin and Barney do this together. Honestly, go with a group of other couples and just try to get a game to yourself if you feel weird. This is the best way to blow off steam. Make sure the two of you are on opposite teams and it makes it that much more fun! My fiancé and I used to always go to laser tag before the baby and it was one of our favorite activities to do together.


2. Work out Together

Sometimes it’s just nice to head to the gym together and work out. He spots me and I spot him and we just do what we do side by side, together. We joke about pushing ourselves and there is always one that tries to impress the other at some point.


1. Spending the night in with pizza and a movie

This is our favorite thing to do together, sometimes you just want to sit back after a long week and eat some pizza cuddled up to the person you love the most in your life watching whatever show you two are binge watching at the time on Netflix. Lately for us it’s Criminal Minds. At the time of me writing this post, we are only on Season 3 (no spoilers please).



That is my top 15 date ideas that I would love to do or even have done! What is your favorite date night ideas?

Leave a comment and tell me all about it, maybe I’ll try it out.

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