January Goals

January Goals

I’m not going to write some boring post about New Year Resolutions because I really don’t believe in that. It sets you up to fail.

I’m also not one to have a yearly goal. I think everyone’s goal is to be healthy, be with the people they love, do more family things, and stay away from crazy people that start way too much drama.

So, my basic monthly goals along with my yearly goals pertain to me, obviously. Some of them are truly basic but I think they will soon become a habit and I won’t have to have them on this list in the next month or two. This year I’ll post all of my monthly goals and I’d love to see everyone else’s goals!



one. post on the blog at least twice a week. Let’s be real, I’m new to this blogging game and I want to make sure I’m creating some good content for everyone to read. No one wants to read a blog that barely posts! Plus, writing posts is pretty fun for me since I used to write a lot when I was younger, just not blog post, mostly creative writing. But it’s still productive for me to do this.

two. start meal prepping more. The past week I meal prepped lunches and wow was it a time saver in the morning! I loved having about 10 extra minutes in the morning to either relax, or cuddle my tot.

three. start a workout schedule. I really want to tone and lose a bit of weight to get more into my old jeans that I used to love before having Aurora. Personally, I think I was a little thin, but dropping a couple pounds or turning it into muscle will be good enough for me!

four. drink at least three bottles of water a day (hopefully it will then become a habit and I can keep this going for years to come). I also want to use a reusable bottle more instead of the plastic bottles. I’ll need to buy a water filter for that one. Maybe I’ll also add some fruit and other flavorings to make it more fun for me since I know I can get bored of the usual water.

five. by the end of this month I want to have at least 20 subscribers. To me having at least 20 subscribers would be outstanding! So, let’s hope you all find me interesting enough to slide into your e-mails and tell you when I post something new!

six. finish up my freebie planner I’ve been working on. Since starting this blog a couple weeks ago, I’ve wanted to give everyone who subscribes a fun treat. What better way than a beautifully designed printable planner? I am obsessed with organization when it comes to plans and making lists. It’s super effective as to how I go about doing it all and it helps motivate me and hopefully all of you!

seven. get rid of that clutter that is in the corner of my dining room. I have had stuff in this corner of my new-ish apartment since the week we moved in, which was the end of November! I told myself it was all just Christmas decorations but now that I have packed all of that away, what is my excuse now? There isn’t one. I’m going to tackle that as well this month.

Those are some of my monthly goals, what are yours? I’d love to see what everyone is going to be doing!

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