Can I Get More Sick Time?

Can I Get More Sick Time?

There is one thing that bugs me about being a working mom. How many sick hours you get.


My child goes to daycare and let me tell you, I feel as though she is always getting sick since she has started there.


And yet, I only have a limited amount of sick time. Sometimes I wish they would give mothers a bit more flexible sick time. Maybe a bit more hours especially if they are a single parent.


How am I supposed to be there for my child that can’t help but be sick and keep my job?


A week in December, this happened to me. Rori had come down with Hand Foot and Mouth disease since it was going around her classroom.ย It meant for a whole week, she was contagious and had to stay away from kids. Sure the babysitter offered for her to go over, she didn’t mind, her kids get sick and she’s fine with it. But Patrick and I just couldn’t seem to bring ourselves to think it was okay. We were seeing what she was going through and didn’t want to be the cause of it to another child.


It had started with a high fever of 104.8F on Saturday and then on Sunday, some spots started to show up. Monday she woke up vomiting so I took her to the doctors. He said it was just a virus, there weren’t any signs of HFMD. But I knew what it was, and on Tuesday night, her legs were covered in spots and she was telling us that they were hurting her.


Wednesday night we took her to the doctors and she said it was definitely HFMD. I felt so relieved that I was right event thought it meant she was going to be sick for a bit longer. By Friday, her spots were faded and her big blisters were scabbed over and she was acting like her normal happy self.


His family helped out with watching her but him and I each had to take two days off to watch her. I was Monday and Friday, and he was Tuesday and Thursday. His mother took Wednesday and honestly, thank goodness. I was already sick in late November and had to take a day off there too.


That left me maybe down to a day or two left of sick time. How am I going to make it through the rest of the year of me working there with only a couple of days left? Winter season is upon us and that means more sick days are going to end up happening, because let’s face it, it’s sick season!


This was just a small blurb today, but my question for all of you mothers out there, working or a stay at home, any advice? What do you do when you have a sick one? Stay home and cuddle? Have them sleep it off?


What about your sick time? Do you send your kid to a babysitters because you can’t afford to miss a day? Doesn’t it just break your heart? Because I know it breaks mine.


Leave a comment or email me with some tips and I’ll put together something so we can all learn from it!

11 thoughts on “Can I Get More Sick Time?”

  • Managing the early years when children are so small and get sick regularly is hard. I am fortunate to have family support but if they really need me, i take a day off.

  • Luckily I stay at home with my little guy and watch kids out of my house so if he’s sick I can call off easily . But my friends that work full time out of the home have complained about this many times. My one friend had to cancel her yearly vacation because she had to use up all her vacation days when her son got sick ๐Ÿ™

  • My mother-in-law watches our toddler, and my step-daughter she goes back and forth between our house and to her mother. When they get sick, my mother-in-law watch them, but I take them to the doctor. Luckily my work schedule is very flexible so I can call off work or won’t show work without getting any trouble.

  • I am absolutely dreading finishing maternity leave and having this problem, as neither of us have family near. Luckily my other half has a pretty flexible job where he can work from home or work on the weekends to make up his time – is there a possibility of this in your job? Your poor little one getting HFMD, Iโ€™ve seen it in action and itโ€™s no fun!

    • Sadly there isn’t an option for me to work from home since I’m an office assistant/secretary for a company. But hopefully one day it will work in my favor!

  • Most common compliant among parents, single or not. Research shows most people with children use their sick time to take care of their own children when they are sick.

  • This really isn’t my area of expertise (not a mom yet) but I have noticed how my cousins and close friends struggle when they get sick and their children need them, like 24/7…..I’ll be praying for you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  • The world so frequently feels like it’s not built for working parents! For example, my pediatrician is open 9-12, 1-5. Really?? How are we supposed to get in for check ups?
    Fortunately, we go to an in-home daycare, and our provider is wonderful! She will pretty much always take our little guy if we are still ok with it. I think we have only kept him home one time.
    We need to keep moving forward – hopefully it will become easier to be a working parent since it seems to be the majority now.

  • I’m always the one that takes a day off to look after my sick little one. Hubby just can’t afford it, plus he would be rubbish at looking after the little one. When I’m ill, sometimes I just have to slug it through at home or at work!! Otherwise calling out for help from my parents if that’s an option.

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